We believe in the power of DATA DRIVEN VIDEOS. Professionals in videos and data should learn how to combine the two skills and become new professionals called video scientists.

Data integration

A data-integration module enables companies to connect video scenes with any type

of internal or external dataset.

Using this data-integration module they can tell contextual and real time stories about their products and brands.

Data telling

Thanks to dynamic storytelling  companies can send personalized

and real time messages.

Master creation

Companies can create their own Master.

Once the master will be created, it can be used

to generate thousands

of videos, each one with its own variables.

Libraries conception

With Babelee

movie makers, motion designers and art directors can expand their creativity creating libraries for any use case that comes to mind.

Babelee Academy
Today professionals in video making don’t have any specific skills and knowledge in data management and coding related to HTML language.
Our Academy will help companies to transform their content creators and/or their data scientists in video scientists.

Do you want to become a VIDEO SCIENTIST?


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